Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New district maps

  After the national census every ten years, legislative districts are redrawn in an effort to allocate an equal number of people in each district. The Montana House of Representatives with 100 members has districts of almost 10,000 Montanans each; each State Senate district is comprised of two House districts, or 20,000 Montanans, since our State Senate has 50 seats.

 With redistricting done and in effect for these upcoming 2014 elections, the district boundaries for Montana legislative districts have changed.
  Here are the links to GREAT maps of the new legislative districts.
  To view these maps, download/use Google maps.
  There are links on the Redistricting Commission web page to download Google Earth in order to view the maps:

  In the upper left corner is a slide bar that zooms the map in or out.

  You can also access the maps from the Redistricting Commission web page on the Montana Legislative website, here:

  I hope this helps everyone to know their new district, and the candidates running for office!

  Vote Pomnichowski for State Senate!

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Vote the longest name on the ballot!

Primary election ballots are out!
Please vote Pomnichowski for State Senate, District 33!
Be hip...Vote the longest name on the ballot!

vote for JP