SCHWAG! from the Democratic National Convention

Before I left Denver last Friday, I packed up a box of the wonderful convention memorabilia I'd collected over those four days. Wonderful stuff, and it arrived home today!

The campaign buttons are great; there's the one with Sox, the Clintons' cat, draped over the White House, with the caption, "Send Sox Clinton back to the White House 2008". Come on, everybody, Sox just wants to go home! And the button I bought for Bob, the rocker: Obama in the style of the AC/DC logo!

There's the commemorative Limited Convention Edition Kraft Macaroni and Cheese--jeez, I loved it before, but now that they've done a Democratic Convention edition, I love it even more--as well as great campaign buttons, t-shirts, an Obama "Time for a Change" watch for my dad, etc., etc.

All wonderful stuff by which to remember the Democratic National Convention. Nice.


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