61st Montana Legislature, Day 29

It's been a busy fifth week in the Montana Legislature. Committee work is getting busier with a deadline of February 20 to hear the remaining general (non-revenue) bills; next week, I'll be presenting EIGHT bills. That's an incredible number, given that each bill requires research, study of Montana and other law (neighboring states, precedent from court decisions, federal law, Attorney General opinions, etc.) I'll be refining my sponsor statements, supporting documents, and testimony all weekend. I've been working on these issues for a long time, but now it's showtime for the bills at the legislature. The schedule for my bills is this:

Monday, Feb 9 (House Natural Resources)
  HB 359 Public notice and hearing for opencut applications
  HB 313 Revise opencut mining laws; county authority to condition use

Tuesday, Feb 10
HB 428 Montana-based businesses may locate in technology TIF districts

Wednesday, Feb 11
  HB 429 Annual fees for opencut mining operations
  HB 446 Restrictions on surface water runoff re: opencut mining
  HB 447 Reclamation requirements for opencut mining

Thursday, Feb 13
HB 410 Revise calculation of cash-in-lieu of parkland dedication per local government requirements

Friday, Feb 13
HB 408 Worker's compensation coverage for firefighters presumptive diseases

Monday, Feb 16
HB 409 Cancer drug donation program

Wednesday, Feb 18
  HB 423 Revise state land law relating to oil and gas leases (cash-in-lieu payments)
  HB 424 Revise state land law to clarify public information
  HB 425 Public notice for oil and gas leases on state land
HB 448 Revise state land law relating to inventory and classification

It's almost 7 p.m. Saturday, February 7. I work every day at my desk in the House chamber. It's just about the most impressive office anyone could have. Know that I'm truly honored to be a state representative, and that I'll work as hard as I can, always, for all of us in Montana. Some highlights from Week 5, Feb 2-7:

The choir from Hawthorne Elementary School in Bozeman came to the capitol Thursday and sang in the House chamber! It was so good to see the kids; I recognized some of those wonderful kids of friends of mine!

Also on Thursday, Majority Leader Margie Campbell realized she and I matched. My navy blue and maroon and gray Argyle sweater matched her socks, and when she recognized that, we took a picture. Nice leg, Margie.

And today, I debuted a new pair of shoes:


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