December work

In this holiday season, there's much to be done, and my days are filled.

I've been working with the Montana Water Court to get updated water rights ownership information from the Department of Revenue and Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, who are working to update the state database of water users. There are eleven decrees that the Water Court is waiting to issue until ownership records are updated.

I've helped Montanans get their unemployment claims processed and paid, and I've asked the Unemployment Insurance Division for information on the increased numbers of claims, the federal stimulus dollars that extend some benefits, and how to help the agency better and more quickly process claims.

My work with the Greater Gallatin Watershed Council includes preparation for our annual meeting in January, work on TMDL (total maximum daily load) measurement of contaminants in Gallatin County streams and rivers, and notice to the public of water quality.

On Thursday, I'll attend a meeting by the Department of Environmental Quality on one of Bozeman's controlled groundwater areas, the Buttrey Shopping Center Superfund Site. The area was contaminated with compounds from a dry cleaning establishment, since relocated, ruining groundwater, soils, and now, indoor air. Testing will begin for risks from concentrations of PCE (tetrachloroethene) in the shops still in the area, and in homes to the north, where the plume extends.

The board of the Montana Business and Professional Women Foundation, on which I serve, announced a new financial assistance program for women to help with personal advancement, education, business efforts, and professional endeavors, and we'll start reviewing applications in January to make awards to Montana women. I'm quite proud of this program, and that we on the board have launched it.

There is always much to do, and I'm on the job. Whatever the problem, my responsibility is to work the problem. I'm proud to do just that.

On a happy holiday side note, during a conference call today, I visited a favorite website and share with you these lovely Christmas ornaments.

Santa, I'd particularly like the Roberto Cavalli grey suede jeweled pumps.

Hey, a girl can dream.


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