The Today Show in Bozeman!

Al Roker and the Today Show on NBC is in Bozeman, Montana, this morning, at Eagle Mount, in my district and just south of my house! The Today Show spearheads an effort called Lend a Hand, and Al's on the road to five cities across the nation this week, visiting charitable organizations deserving of the Lend a Hand effort.

I joined an excited crowd of Bozemanites at 4:45 a.m. at Eagle Mount on Goldenstein Lane in Bozeman. It was a mild morning with no rain, and we all watched the sunrise over the Bridgers together, in between Al's weather forecasts and introductions of the fabulous donations to Eagle Mount!

It was a record-giving day for Lend a Hand! More than $566,000 in donations of land, construction, vehicles, supplies, and four solar energy disks to heat the pool were donated!
Lend a Hand, from the NBC website:

With the hard-hit economy, many Americans are in need of a little help this year.

That's why TODAY's Al Roker is packing up the Penske truck once again to hit the road for the annual "Lend a Hand" trip. In its ninth consecutive year, "Lend a Hand" continues its mission to help small charities across the country that work toward improving conditions in their communities. Roker’s goodwill road trip kicks off in San Francisco, Calif. The trip continues throughout the week in Bozeman, Mont. (Tuesday), Des Moines Iowa, (Wednesday), Memphis, Tenn. (Thursday), and Rye, N.H. (Friday). This year, one special surprise charity located in a city in need will receive a “Lend a Hand” donation.

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And more on our most excellent Eagle Mount program:

Eagle Mount creates therapeutic recreational opportunities for people of all ages and disabilities. Through Eagle Mount, persons with special needs are challenged to achieve the previously unthinkable in skiing, ice skating, swimming, horseback riding, golfing and more. Children with cancer are given the freedom of normalcy by participating in one of three summer camps. Through the use of nature, activities, equine therapy and just good old outdoor fun, children and adults are offered life-changing opportunities as well as the chance to move beyond their personal disability and "soar like eagles."

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