Doing the People's Work!

Today I'm participating in the Gallatin County Local Public Health System Assessment. I'm part of a group investigating whether people are receiving the medical care they need.

Last week, I was in Helena two days to serve on the State Board of Labor Appeals. I was appointed to the board early last year. We consider appeals to unemployment claims from employers and employees alike. It's difficult but very important work, and work that keeps Montana in the top four in the nation for fair and timely case decisions.

The continuum through these events is my campaign for re-election, which is going very well! I need your support to return to the Montana Legislature to continue my good work. Please, if you'd like to help, contact me and we'll talk to voters together, or you can contribute online via ActBlue, here:

Many thanks for your support! I love the work of shaping good public policy; for me, it's always been about the policy, not partisan politics.

Vote Pomnichowski, the longest name on the ballot!


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