Vote Pomnichowski!

8 May 2012
  Voters across Montana will receive their absentee ballots in the mail today, and the good voters in House District 66 will also receive a letter of introduction (or re-introduction) from me!
  I'm proud of my service in the 2007 and 2009 Montana Legislative Sessions, and I'd be proud to represent House District 66 in the 2013 session. My record is one of bipartisanship and accomplishment that betters the lives of Montanans. 
 I passed a law to create a cancer drug donation program, so that cancer patients who need but cannot afford cancer medications can get them; that program was first implemented at the Bozeman Cancer Center. For sportsmen and women, I passed laws to encourage youth hunters by lowering fees, and to protect your private information on hunting and fishing licenses. I also carried the stream access bill in the 2007 session. Natural resource legislation is my milieu, and I co-wrote and co-sponsored legislation with a Republican lawmaker from Sidney that improves our water policy, a law that particularly helps high-growth areas like ours. 
  After the devastating natural gas explosion and fire in downtown Bozeman in 2009, I passed a law to preserve the property value of the entire downtown district. I also voted for ample funding for MSU, including $28 million to renovate Gaines Hall, and for a tuition freeze for university students, the first passd in twenty years. I passed a law to protect your personal information in state computers, andI voted for senior transportation, better care and benefits for our military veterans, and to extend unemployment benefits after the economy worsened.
  You can read all my blog entries about my service in Montana's House of Representatives, and on my current service and campaign action, by clicking on the links to the right. My website it Please visit! You can follow me on Facebook, too, at Re-elect JP Pomnichowski, and on twitter @pomnicho.
  When you receive your ballot today, please vote Pomnichowski. I'm committed to improving our society, our livelihoods, our natural environment, our state. I'd be grateful for your vote!
  Vote Pomnichowski, the longest name on the ballot!

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