Full speed ahead

The campaign is a full-on effort every day, and it's proceeding full speed ahead, mostly via the campaign-mobile. I'm visiting neighborhoods, meeting people, talking about all of the quality-of-life issues we all talk about.

You might think that only candidates and some political devotees are paying attention to campaigns now, still nine weeks from a primary election, but I've found that most people are following issues and candidates with an eye to the future. People are talking about growth and development, energy, education, health care, hunting and fishing access, business development, all the things I've been working on for years now.

I decided to run for state legislature because I've worked for years on city and county issues, and more and more found myself saying, "The legislature should..." and "If the state would pass a law that..." until I realized that I can help with this! I started going to the legislature a few years ago to watch the proceedings and to testify on bills, and I've identified legislating as the job I want. More importantly, I've worked hard to be able to offer something in that role.

I've served on Bozeman's Planning Board for five years, and I'm the president of that body (and the only three-term member). I chair the Zoning Commission, and I've served on county boards, one of which, the Transfer of Development Rights Committee, has worked to keep open spaces open and development closer to urban services. I'm proud of these efforts, and I'd like to apply our successes at a statewide level.

Talk to me about anything. All my contact info is on the website at www.jpforthehouse.com. I have a lot of experience and knowledge to offer, and I know I want the job. I'd really appreciate your vote June 6.

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