Legislature 101 at Bozeman Pecha Kucha 17

Montana has a citizen legislature. Regular citizens serve as your lawmakers, meeting for no more than 90 days every two years. Montana's "Peoples' Branch" is unique, and I'm very proud to serve. 

To share some of the facts about our state legislative branch of government, I presented at Bozeman Pecha Kucha on Montana's Citizen Legislature a couple weeks ago. You should see it! 


Pecha Kucha is a simple presentation format that shows 20 images, each for 20 seconds, with narration from the presenter. The topics are as varied as the presenters, and I think this snapshot of Montana's lawmaking branch gives a good outline.

Pecha Kucha has gone viral, and more than 800 cities worldwide host PK nights. I hope you enjoy this bit on the Montana Legislature, and please do attend Bozeman Pecha Kucha in the future!


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