JP at work at home and in Helena

It's just been a week since the election, but I've been really busy! First there were the details of the campaign to attend to, like collecting signs, writing thank you notes and emails, fielding calls, etc. I'm so proud and honored to have won!
I'm really proud to have been appointed to the Greater Gallatin Watershed Council board of directors! The GGWC is a wonderful group committed to protecting the Gallatin watercourses. Here's the official announcement:

BOZEMAN -- The Greater Gallatin Watershed Council has named three new members to its board of directors for three-year terms.
Rep. JP Pomnichowski of Bozeman, 41, has passed state legislation on water quality and quantity in Montana's closed basins and has experience with Gallatin River water quality monitoring. She also has served on city boards dealing with water infrastructure.

Also named to the board were Peter Skidmore of River Restoration Consulting and Doug Fletcher of NorthStar Consulting. Skidmore has extensive experience in river restoration. Fletcher is CEO of NorthStar, a market research firm.
The board of about a dozen members monitors water supplies and allocations in the greater Bozeman area and submits findings to local governmental bodies to assist with water quality and conservation.


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