Groove Thing

Today in the capitol rotunda is a celebration of women elected to serve the State of Montana. Current and former legislators were honored, and Dorothy Eck, a state senator and Montana Constitutional Convention delegate from Bozeman, spoke; great to see the ladies who've worked on behalf of the state. Montanans elected the first woman to serve in elected office: Jeanette Rankin, elected to the US Congress in 1916, even before the vote for women was won in the nation. We're a long and proud tradition in Montana, women elected to serve, and I'm so proud to be among them.

Last night, the Democratic Women's Caucus hosted a Pay Equity Dance Party in Helena. A fundraiser for the women's caucus, it also was structured (through the cover charge) to illustrate the disparity of unequal pay for equal work by women. Gals paid $4 cover, and men $6. It was a GREAT party; apparently, given any opportunity to blow off some steam, we legislative gals will shake our groove things and sing along to the 'best' of the 80s and 90s. Some of our male counterparts danced, too (nice moves, Mike Phillips!) We were shaking our tailfeathers!

From this past week:
Jill Cohenour was fouled in the House vs. Senate basketball game by Ryan Zinke, and here is an impressive bruise from the event. She made one of her two free throws from the hit. Take that, Zinke!

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