You Know Me So Well

Day 82 of 90 in the Montana Legislature's 61st Session, and we'll be considering Senate amendments to budget bills in the House today. Last night, all of us, representatives, senators, staff, and lobbyists, made fun of ourselves with comedy parodies at our Attache Party. I assembled a 'legislator look-a-likes' for the party. Some of the resemblances are freakishly accurate. Perhaps I'll post some. In the meantime...

Friends, this morning I found on my desk on the floor of the House of Representatives this card. It reads, "Sometimes, the best thing to do is just look in the mirror and say..."

And moments later, my seatmate, Edie McClafferty, came by to show me her shoes and painted toenails, very fancy:

It's the little things that make me so happy. Now, onto the state budget bills, in floor debate at 10 a.m., twenty minutes from now. The Montana Constitution tasks the legislature with passing a balanced budget, and this year, we have the budget bills and the American Recovery and Rehabilitation Act (ARRA) or stimulus money; it's all tied together, and there are fixes that must be made. The House calls to order today at 10, and Saturday at 8 a.m. I'll work like a dog to get a balanced budget passed that's responsible in its spending and responsive to all of us.


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