Endorsement for JP from Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Sunday, October 3, 2010

Daily Chronicle editorial board picks candidates

Voter dissatisfaction is as apparent here in Montana as it is elsewhere in the nation, and the Nov. 2 mid-term election offers state voters a chance to vent their frustrations.
Southwest Montanans go to the polls to decide on some critical local government and legislative races. The field of candidates offers some clear choices and, after interviewing most of the hopefuls, the Chronicle editorial board found that some offer clearly better options than the others.

House District 63
Incumbent Democrat JP Pomnichowski faces Republican Tom Burnett in this race, and Pomnichowski deserves a return trip to Helena. Her reasonableness and experience is needed, and she was successful in her last two terms in carrying legislation that has done good things for southwest Montana, particularly downtown Bozeman. Burnett is a sincere candidate, but we believe he is too ideologically rigid to be effective in the Legislature.


Anonymous said…
Thanks Chronicle for a breath of sanity in this silly political season.

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