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I have mini-JPs with me on the campaign trail!

This past weekend, October 9, the Re-elect JP contingent marched in the MSU Homecoming Parade.

I had red, white, and blue cars, all decked out with balloons, signs, and ribbon.

Twins rode in the back of the white convertible, throwing JP mini-footballs to the crowd, while my fellow representatives Mike Phillips and Franke Wilmer threw footballs to onlookers from the red smart car and blue PT Cruiser convertible.

The good Senator Jon Tester drove a tractor, which we followed down Main Street Bozeman.

My dear friends Linda and Kathy threw footballs, too, and Kim, Becky, and Barb drove, while supporters cheered the JP parade entry all the way down the route.

THEN, my wonderful and creative friend Casey and I and the mini-JPs marched the parade route to wild acclaim! The mini-JPs did a cheer: Two, Four, Six, Eight! We Want JP to Legislate! Go, JP! Go, JP!

To cap it all off, the Bobcats won their Homecoming game against Portland State, with 41 unanswered points from the second quarter on. Great Homecoming action!

More photos of the MSU Homecoming Parade on my Facebook page (you don't have to be "on" Facebook to see them):

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