Hey, blog world! Here's the first installment of JP For The House, my run-for-the-(state)-Capitol blog. Lovely to have you aboard!

The decision to run for legislature is a long time coming. I've served on many city and county boards in the past several years, and more and more I found myself saying, "You know, if the state would just..." and "The legislature should..."

So I've decided that instead of 'wishing on a a star' about what the state might do to help policy, taxes, education, our natural setting, businesses, health care, etc., I thought I'd get involved myself.

I'll dig in to the work. I know I want the job; years of working on city and county boards has been the best real-life education into making things really work for the community. Working on specific efforts like responsible development and community support for conservation projects focused my attention on realistic, fair, achievable goals. And it took years to grow my knowledge and experience to a point where I have a lot to offer as state representative.

I'm ready. I'm experienced. I'm passionate about making and keeping Montana a beautiful, viable, successful place. Now, to campaign for this job I want!

Look around jpforthehouse.com, call me or email me, comment on blog postings, do it all. First and foremost, I'm your neighbor, I'm a citizen. I want to effect change to improve our communities and state, and that begins at the one-person level. I want to know what 's important to you, and you should know you're important to me. I'm available to you, and I'll work to make Montana the best place for all--each and every one--of us. Let's do this thing!

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