So, I'm running to become a Montana State legislator, and I and my campaign friends have been thinking up slogans, imagery, etc. to communicate that message. The slogans? Let's make JP our Lady of the House! and because my last name's Pomnichowski, Bozeman's a SKI town! Get it? PomnichowSKI? and because my last name is so long, and for an easy remembrance for ballot-marking, Vote For the Longest Name on the Ballot!

But best of all was the tasty suggestion from Karen for house-shaped cookies!

Aren't they outstanding? HOUSES? JP for the House!

Many thanks, Karen, for the House cookies. You rock.

These cookies will debut tonight at a Democratic function, where our Montana Democratic state chairman, Dennis McDonald, will speak.

JP in the House cookies trump chips 'n' dip every time.

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