07 Campaign Season Accelerates!

Since I last blogged, I've served a legislative session, become a full-time legislator (working on issues all the time, and loving the work), and am a candidate for re-election! Everyone, there is much to report daily, so watch for frequent updates now that the 07 campaign season is rolling hard.

First, I'm going to the Democratic National Convention next week in Denver! I am so excited to go--this is one of those events that I never imagined I'd attend, just because it's the SuperBowl for politicos, and what are the chances of getting SuperBowl tickets? But at the State Democratic Convention in Helena, MT in June, I was elected an alternate to go to the national convention. I'm deeply honored, and so excited! Watch for updates from me from Denver.

Next, the Re-elect JP Pomnichowski campaign is going full steam! This past weekend, I was in the Manhattan Potato Festival parade with supporters giving out balloons and candy all along the parade route. The Potato Fest is a great small-town festival, and the parade is a high point. Here's a brief video of us before hitting the parade route:

More to come! Many thanks for your support; I love the work of the legislature, and of public policy, and really want to continue. I'll blog frequently. Talk to you soon!


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