Ireland votes Pomnichowski

A family friend, Chris Stevens, sent photos today of support for Pomnichowski in Ireland. I'm international!

Here I am on a road sign, helping guide your way. Just follow me; I won't lead you astray.

The spiritual are Pomnichowski faithful, too, in church, and out.

A bright and shiny Pomnichowski bumper sticker on a car, with the Head of Howth in the background. That's one side of Dublin Bay, and where the final chapter of James Joyce's Ulysses is set. (The book covers the course of the day, starting on one side of the bay and ending at the other.)

The signature blue and gold of the Pomnichowski campaign complement the blue on a Bank of Ireland door. The colors of Montana State University (Go, Bobcats!) translate nicely to Eire, eh?

Many thanks, Chris. The Emerald Isle is good to me.

If you'd like to sport a Pomnichowski bumper sticker, email me and I'll get one to you.


jhwygirl said…
OK...this is hilarious.

I'll need to hit you up for some stickers to do the same. You never know where they might end up...

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