Friday, August 29, Last Day at the Democratic National Convention

This morning, Governor Brian Schweitzer talked to the delegation at the morning meeting, and the good Senator Jon Tester did, too. Yesterday, Senator Tester was with Barack Obama in Billings, MT, during Obama's fifth visit to the state. Later, the Testers flew with Obama to Denver. Tester spoke about the economic state of the nation, and about energy--we need to develop, and can develop, alternative forms of energy, and we need to conserve--and about foreign relations, health care, and veterans services at the national level.

Later, Tester spoke with the women's caucus; we expressed our gratitude for the mileage reimbursement increase for veterans traveling for medical care, and told him that a CHIP initiative on the ballot this November has wide support, and should relate support from the Montana electorate for better and more health care from the Congressional delegation.

I'm headed to the convention center soon for a panel discussion on the Supreme Court, recent court rulings, cases to be heard, and opinions on the shape of the court in the near future; then it's over to Invesco Field for the last day of business, including Obama's acceptance of the Democratic nomination for president. It's been an incredible week, and all the delegates are tired but so excited. What we lose in sleep we gain in experiences! I think they run the convention for four days because if it went any longer, people would start dropping!

Much more later, from Invesco Field and the last day of proceedings from the Democratic National Convention in Denver! Stay tuned!

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