Presidential Nominee, Barack Obama

Tonight at Invesco Field (formerly Mile High Stadium), home of the Denver Broncos, Barack Obama accepted the nomination for President for the Democratic Party. The festivities began at 3 with Yonder Mountain String Band; throughout the evening, other great musicians played: Sheryl Crow, Stevie Wonder, and Michael McDonald. Turned out that the rumors that Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen were wrong, but the artists who performed were great.

There were great speakers throughout the day, and some very memorable moments. Before Barack Obama took the stage, some citizens took the podium and told their stories. One was Barney Smith, from the heartland, who'd lost a union job in a factory, as had many of his friends. He was most powerful at the end of his statement, when he said that we need a president who'll put the interests of Barney Smith ahead of Smith Barney.

Barack hit many points in his speech, and included issues of great importance to Montanans: taxes, health care, the economy.

I have hundreds and hundred of photos which I'll upload tomorrow. I'm punchy now and can't give you the whole lowdown; I'm running on about three hours of sleep nightly all this past week. Much more to tell you in the morning.

The acceptance of the presidential nomination is filled with pageantry and is beautiful to see, but it was also substantive tonight because of Barack Obama. His campaign, identified with the words "Hope" and "Change", offered some specifics about foreign policy, tax relief, and education funding, and resonated with the crowd assembled and the crowd watching off-site.

More Friday, after I've slept and recharged the batteries!


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