Doing (a lot of) the People's Work

Today in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Political Notebook, was a story about how many bills each local legislator has introduced.

    Rep. Scott Sales, R-Bozeman, is quick to say he thinks the Legislature deals with way too much legislation. It seems he, and most other Republican representatives from Gallatin County, are practicing what he preaches.
    Sales introduced three bills this session. Rep. Michael More, R-Gallatin Gateway, introduced two. Rep. Gordon Vance, R-Bozeman, introduced one. Rep. Ted Washburn, R-Bozeman, had the most, with five.
    By comparison, Rep. Brady Wiseman, D-Bozeman, introduced seven bills. Rep. Franke Wilmer, D-Bozeman, introduced 15. Rep. Mike Phillips, D-Bozeman, introduced 13, and Rep. JP Pomnichowski, D-Bozeman, introduced a whopping 22.

The Chronicle says this like it's a bad thing.

I'm just doing the people's work. I figure, my job is to represent the interests of the citizens of the state, and there are at least 22 ideas that should be law.

And anyway, I requested 41 bills myself, and three fellow representatives requested three other bills for me, so of 44 bills requested, 22 were introduced.


Anonymous said…
wonderful, JP!
Anonymous said…
Doing the people's work? Does that mean introducing bills allowing the government to legally do by force what the people can't do? Like the majority using their control over a legislator to screw the individual or minority? Gosh and here I thought no one not even the government is above the law.
Anonymous said…
what the heck is the previous comment? JP, you're great. Keep working. We love you. And that previous commenter, saying the government does by force what people can't do---what?? Last time I looked, I couldn't make law as a private citizen, so JP keep up the good work and ignore the idiot comments.

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