Stimulus Money for Montana

If you haven't yet seen the breakdown of money from the federal stimulus money for Montana, here's a snapshot. The tax breaks for Montanans will be significant, too; the director of the Montana Department of Revenue gave a briefing at the legislature today about that.

$626 million for Montana

How much money will Montana see from the economic stimulus bill approved Friday by Congress, and where will the money go? Here's a breakdown from the Montana Economic Developers Association:

National School Lunch Program Equipment Assistance: $247,461

The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP):$261,650

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP): $50,046,787

Emergency Food and Shelter Program**: $172,693

Drinking Water State Revolving Fund: $19,651,000

Clean Water State Revolving Fund: $19,537,800

Highway Funding: $211,793,391

Transit Formula Funding: $15,611,710

Public Housing Capital Fund: $4,451,699

HOME Funding: $7,944,201

Homelessness Prevention Fund: $3,750,116

Community Development Block: $2,499,048

Byrne/JAG: $5,000,000

Crime Victims: $222,847

Internet Crimes Against Children Grants: $403,670

Violence Against Women Grants: $1,018,559

State Energy Program: $25,688,000

Weatherization: $27,059,681

Child Care and Development Block Grant $5,747,006

Head Start: $2,081,661

State Stabilization Fund: $121,371,174

Title I Education for the Disadvantaged: $44,013,000

Education Technology: $4,839,000

Community Services Block Grant: $4,544,915

Senior Meals Programs: $500,000

Dept. of Labor - State Employment Service Grants: $2,945,782

Dept. of Labor - Dislocated Workers State Grants: $1,728,009

Dept. of Labor - Adult State Grants: $1,246,875

Dept. of Labor - Youth State Grants: $2,947,500

Dept. of Education - Vocational Rehabilitation: $1,880,400

Dept. of Education - Special Education Part B, Section 611: $36,708,000

TOTAL: $625,913,635


Bernadette said…
Thank you, Representative Pomnichowski, for this breakdown. This is the first one I've seen specifically for Montana.
Bernadette Gunn

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