Queen Bee

Each day, the Speaker of the House calls the chamber to order and rolls through a number of Orders of Business, like messages from the Senate, First Reading of Bills, etc. Then he names a Chair of the Day from the 100 Representatives. Yesterday, I was Chair of the Day!

And some glimpses of life in the chamber of the House of Representatives from this past week:

Cinnamon bears sent to me by my seatmates while I was chairing the committee; delivered by a page to me at the rostrum. Nice! My people love me and send me cinnamon bears!

The first car in the lot on Saturday morning, 6:30 a.m. before an 8 o'clock Call to Order in the House of Representatives. I give this work my all.

Oh, the teal suede shoes with copper leather toe band and silver buckles. Loveliness.


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