Meanwhile, back at the Montana Legislature...

Friends, it's been a tough couple of weeks, but I and many others are soldiering on. Here's a taste of some of the activities at the Montana Legislature of late.

On March 11, Chairman Steele gave the State of the Indian Nations address. Here he is in the House chamber, with the magnificent Charlie Russell painting behind him.

On that day, Margie McDonald and Caroline Pease-Lopez, my seatmates, were matchy-matchy in the same jacket:

Wednesday, March 11, the Polynesian Dancers from Dillon, the Polynesian capitol of Montana, came to the House to dance. They did three numbers, and the men in particular were quite frightful (in a good way). I joked with my seatmates that there hadn't been bare-chested men in the House since last night!

In my House Natural Resources committee, our committee secretary, Shirley Chovanak (a last name as challenging as mine!) gave me a model smart car this past week! Seems almost everyone is as taken with my little smart as I am. See a resemblance? Here's my smart car at the capitol, and the model smart car on my desk. Maybe I should find a way to paint it red...


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