Representative Stress Relief

In the House of Representatives, embodied in legislators from every district across the state, are some fine senses of humor and prank-pulling personalities.

When one of our number has been targeted for some good-natured fun, it often takes the form of messing with his or her desk.

It's important for the targeted person to remember that we wouldn't tease if we didn't like ya.

Here's a Jenga-type macaroni-and-cheese pile-up on Art Noonan's desk early in the session.

Here's Julie French's desk, filled with Fritos on "Cannabis in the Capitol" Day, an event about medical marijuana. Some of the representatives couldn't resist messing with Julie.

And here's Tony Belcourt's desk today. He's out, and so is the recipient of a number of muffins that were graciously distributed to representatives' desks yesterday, along with a poor dead plant that finds itself in any number of different locales in the House.


Anonymous said…
sounds like you need a pink flamingo to start passing around!

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